How to book a safari holiday?


Africa is an incredible destination and it is still unexplored by the masses, therefore booking your first safari holiday might be challenging. Where to go for your first family safari? Should you book through a popular travel company or rather use local tour operators? Where to find reliable ones? This article explains how to avoid being disappointed when booking your dream safari holiday.

Choosing reliable guides

Opting for a popular travel company from a shiny holiday brochure will bring some comfort, but this does not guarantee a unique experience. Most probably you will be accommodated in busy lodges and you will travel with quite a crowded travel company. If you want a personalized approach, vehicle with a private tour guide who is only focused on your family, rather choose a local tour operator.

First of all, before choosing a local tour company, check if it is in possession of a license to operate. Each country has its own tourism authority where the verified tour operators are listed. The Namibian Tourism board is the official travel and hospitality governing body of Namibia.

Secondly, look for the right tour operator and therefore it is worthwhile reviewing the Internet offer.  Is the trip itinerary just a general description or is it distinguished by high transparency?  To determine whether the offer meets all the requirements check if the accommodation listed is on the renowned reservation websites and what is its review status. To avoid unnecessary costs look for tour operators which include most of the additional costs in their offer.  A reliable safari tour operator should take account of all your costs and the only expenses the guests should be managing is that related to the flight ticket or personal insurance.

When to go


Africa’s summer starts from November and runs till mid-end April. This corresponds with the northern hemisphere winter time. Most of Africa experiences spring and summer rains, which means lots of water and food for the animals. The green scenery is remarkable. The absolute highlight of the rainy season is the birth of animals. Photographers prefer the Green Season because of the sharper colours, clearer air and the return of colorful birds and the birth of animals. Although some might find the warm weather and mosquitoes a bit annoying- the African experience makes it more than worth it.


Africa’s winter runs from about June to October, which corresponds with the northern hemisphere summer time. Almost everywhere, except Cape Town in South Africa, experiences a dry winter with practically no rain. Due to limited water availability animals don’t move far from the remaining water holes so it’s easier to find them. You won’t be bothered by bugs and insects and the climate is cooler which is important if you plan a multi-day tour with lots of activities. The air might be dusty and windy at times which might create some challenges for photography enthusiasts.

Where to go

The must see destination in Africa is Namibia. Currently it is one of the safest countries in Africa with the best road infrastructure. Etosha is the oldest African national safari park, and it’s UNESCO World Heritage listed, meaning it’s also one of the best places to safari in Africa!  Namib-Naukluft National Park Park is one of the biggest national parks in the world with incredibly wide-open areas.

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