Namibia: undiscovered family-friendly destination


Africa is gaining popularity rapidly as tourists who are interested in less-commercial destinations are flooding the continent. You have certainly heard about Kenya, South Africa and Mauritius, but what if you are bothered by busy resorts and overcrowded trails? If you want to experience safari holidays like no other, less commercial and untamed nature, Namibia is a hit. Come with us on a journey to this pristine holiday destination before everyone else catches on!

Debunking the “Africa” myth

There are certain stereotypes associated with the countries that are located below Egypt on a map. To someone unfamiliar the first association that comes to mind regarding Africa is poverty, infections, crime, bad roads, malaria etc. Obviously these are real issues, but the reality is that Africa is also safe, civil, has great road infrastructure and most importantly- it is breathtaking. Namibia is one of the safest places to go on safari making it ideal for any nature lover. The Namibian Tourism Board website is an informative guideline

Plenty of attractions (especially for inquisitive children)

Namibia is a wonderful place for active leisure enthusiast, who will find plenty of attractions. The very best places in Namibia are totally eye-opening landscapes whose vastness can be compared to nowhere else in the world.

Climbing sandy dunes in Namib Desert
Namib Desert – climbing Dune 45 is a moderate-intensity activity easy to achieve even for 5 years old kids.

No trip to sub-Saharan Africa is complete without seeing the abundant wildlife and many people like to list the “Big Nine” which includes the hippo, zebra, cheetah and giraffe. Etosha National Park covers more than 20,000 sq-km and is one of the greatest wildlife viewing locations in Africa. Namibia is the only country with an expanding population of free-roaming lions and it also has the largest population of free-roaming cheetahs who are found in central and northwestern areas. It’s so stunning and captivating.

Animals drinking from the water hole in Etosha safari park

The Namibian coast is a treasure on its own, famous for the Cape Cross Seal Reserve, a place where you can come and see hundreds of Cape Fur Seals.

Seals at the Namibian coast

Great cuisine and unique accommodation

Namibian culture greatly reflects on the heritage of its diverse nation, where 11 different ethnic groups speak 13 languages (don’t forget that the population is roughly 2.5 MLN). Impressive right! Regardless of their differences, English is the national language that unites the people of Namibia. The Namibian people have rich cultures and traditions, always welcoming to tourists and show the importance of family. They are humble and live every day still with a sense of pride. European and African influences blend together like nowhere else. It is especially visible in Namibian delicious cuisine and architecture.

There is a great variety of food in Namibia

Namibian lodges offer really magical accommodation nested in nature with astonishing designs. Best of all, each of the lodges has an intimate terrace where you can relax under the stars. Namibia offers visitors a breathtakingly beautiful setting sun over these majestic lodges.

Family-friendly accommodation in Etosha

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